Sword of Sorcery # 0 Review

Now, I’m relatively new to reviewing comic books since I mostly blog about art, cons and creators/artists. I’ve only ever done summary reviews of certain trades and never actually analyzed a single issue before so bear with me. Or not. Either way, either way’s fine.

This week, I just had to review Sword of Sorcery #0 featuring Amethyst plus Beowulf. I have been waiting for this book since it was first announced. Being a fantasy fanatic, I was happy with DC’s decision to publish something like this. I was also thrilled that Christy Marx was writing it since we always need more female writers and her credentials were pretty impressive. 

On that note, the whole creative team is a dream come true for me. I love, love, love Aaron Lopresti’s art. He draws women beautifully and I’ve been a fan ever since I saw his work in Wonder Woman. I’m familiar with Tony Bedard from his Birds of Prey run and thought it was good. And I also like Jesus Saiz’s art a lot, so I was very much looking forward to devouring this book…

And it did not disappoint.

Amy/Amaya is a great character. I liked her from the moment I saw the streaks in her hair. And I loved her from the moment she scoffed at her mother when they arrive in Gemworld and her hair turns blonde. Christy Marx’s writing and dialogue were brilliant. She actually knows what she’s talking about and how to control pace, what teenagers would say, sound like, think and act which a lot of writers get wrong. Obviously, the story isn’t fully fleshed out yet since everything’s still being set up so I’ll comment on it once more issues come out. The villain was developed just enough not to give too much away. It focused more on Amy/Amaya and her mom which I liked. I have nothing but the best things about Aaron’s art. And the last page where Amy/Amaya rushes to help her mom is the perfect ending, foreshadowing just how badass she will be and leaving us impatient for the next issue. 

As for Beowulf, I also thought it was great. I was interested on how they were going to approach it since I’ve read the original text and it’s not very easy to make it fresh/understandable for a modern audience. I was worried they might change it too much but it’s pretty close to the real story so I’m happy. Beowulf didn’t look like I pictured him when I read the original version but surprisingly, I liked his look and that they portrayed him as more of an outcast with an edge rather than a straight-laced warrior that seeks Grendel willingly, as in the original, rather than being sought after like in the issue. I can’t wait to fully see what Grendel looks like and how they’ll do the epic showdown between them!

Here’s the cover for Sword and Sorcery # 1 (I’M SO EXCITED!):