My Favorite Comic Book Writer

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping 2012 is going to be a great year for DC women, both characters and writers/artists.

My previous post that was tweeted to and read by none other than one of my real-life heroes Gail Simone talked about Birds of Prey. This was the series that launched my passion and interest for comics (an interest that caused and still causes a huge dent in my credit card). It means the world to me that she read it and for that I just wanted to dedicate this post to the wonderfully talented, rip-roaringly funny and infinitely clever Gail Simone.

My favorite arc in Gail Simone’s Birds of Prey has to be Sensei and Student. My girl Black Canary took center stage and she was joined by Wildcat! Plus it was set in Singapore. Coming from the Philippines, I thought it was amazing that this story was taking place close to my country. And then for Gail to create the White Canary when she returned to the series after One Year Later meant a lot to someone of Asian descent such as myself. Another reason why I love Sensei and Student has to do with my physical copy of the book. I have scoured every comic store in Toronto for the trade but couldn’t find it. So I turned to the Internet and surely enough I ordered it. Like a kid on Christmas Day, I ripped open the package and found that inside this particular copy was an autograph…that looked oddly like…Gail Simone’s! I was positively floored. (Note: On the same copy I also found JG Jones’ autograph which was weird since he wasn’t involved with the series but still equally awesome!)

My love for her books started with the Birds but didn’t stop there. The next stop on my journey with Gail was the dark, demented, dastardly Secret Six. Now this series was…it was just…I can’t even…there are no words. But yet, somehow I must find a way to talk about my love for the Six. Let me start by saying how shocked I was in finding that such a comic existed. As a newbie, I thought comics had to have distinct lines between good and evil or like fables have morals at the end of the story. The Secret Six completely shattered what I thought the “rules” of comics were. For Gail, there are no rules. She will do as she pleases and do it well. From the first trade, particularly because of Ragdoll and Parademon’s relationship, I was hooked.

Every character, every one-liner, every costume change never ceased to disturb, amuse and amaze. Never before had a comic or even a novel or TV show or movie made me laugh out loud more than the pages of this wonderful series. And at the most vile, horrible things too! Through Secret Six, I (and I’m sure everyone lucky enough to read it) was transformed into a sick, twisted, heroic, murderous, charming, sexy, evil, and very proud freak. Can you tell I’m a Ragdoll fan?

My next stop on the Gail Simone Express:

I have also (despite the protests of my wallet) bought every trade of Gail’s Wonder Woman run since I have heard very good things about it. I’m excited to read it ever since I fell in love with the character after reading George Perez’s Wonder Woman. 

Currently, I am reading Gail’s take on Batgirl and can only say that: yes, it’s true that I miss Oracle very much. I have only ever known Barbara Gordon as that character. But if anyone can write her as Batgirl again, there’s only Gail Simone to do it.

A lot of things can be said about Gail Simone but it is her innate ability to create a connection between the reader and her characters that makes me love her writing the most. I’m all for action scenes, but sometimes it’s the everyday moments whether it’s a lunch date between Dinah and Diana or Ragdoll’s dream sequence that make Gail’s books truly inspiring.